Ophie's Gamba


Game Mechanics | Blackjack

To deal a card, the dealer will roll a /dice 13.
Numbers 2 to 10 represent their respective numbered card and to them are assigned their respective value.
1 = Ace. To this card is attributed whether the value of 1 or 11, whichever keeps the hand from busting.
11 = Jack. To this card is attributed the value of 10.
12 = Queen. To this card is attributed the value of 10.
13 = King. To this card is attributed the value of 10.

House Rules | Blackjack

1. Double downs allowed. When doubling down the player doubles their bet and gets one more card. No hits.
2. Splits are allowed. When given two matching cards on deal, player can elect to double their bet and split the cards into two hands, playing each independently.
3. The game's goal is to reach 21 with the sum of all your cards or the closest to it without going over (busting). If a player busts, they lose.
4. Once a player's turn is over, they can no longer choose to draw another card.
5. The House is forced to draw a card if they're under 16 and forced to stay at hard 17.
6. On the occasion of a tie between the player and the House, the bet will be "pushed" to the next round, unless the player asks for it back.

Game Flow | Blackjack

The patron starts by placing a bet.
1. After collecting all bets, the House will deal two cards for each player and one card for the House.
2. Next, each player will be individually asked whether they choose to stay with their two cards or hit (have the House deal them another card) - there's no limit on the number of hits that a player can ask for.
3. After every player have settled with their final hand, the House will now deal for themselves. Note that when being under 16, the House is forced to draw another card.
4. Results are announced and rewards are distributed for the winners.
5. In case of a tie, the bet is pushed to the next round, unless the player asks for it bet or wants to increase/decrease it.

Finances | Blackjack

StatusMinimum BetMaximum Bet
CA VIP25,0001,000,000
CA LVIP25,0001,500,000
Simple Winx2
Natural Blackjackx2.5
StatusHouse Tax
CA Client0%


Game Mechanics | Cho-Han

To deal two dice, the dealer will roll a /dice 6 twice.
Each number represents the corresponding pips on the face of a die.
The sum of these two dice will be added to formulate the ersult

Game Flow | Cho-Han

The dealer starts by informing the players of each rule.
1. The dealer will individually take wagers from each patron, announcing their chosen bet at this time.
2. After verifying to the patrons the authenticity of the dice, the dealer will place them in a cup and shake them before overturning the cup and revealing the stationary results.
3. The dealer will find the sum of the two dice.
4. Results are announced and rewards are distributed for the winners.

Finances | Cho-Han

StatusMinimum BetMaximum Bet
Cho Winx2
Han Winx2
Hebi Winx5
StatusHouse Tax

Devil's Dice

Game Flow | Devil's Dice

1. The patron will offer their wager to the Dealer.
2. The dealer will inform the patron on the rules.
3. The patron will perform /random 999
4. The appropriate payout will be offered

Finances | Devil's Dice

StatusMinimum BetMaximum Bet
599 or Belowx0
StatusHouse Tax


Current Drawing | Takarakuji

Coming Soon

Game Details | Takarakuji

1. Tickets are able to be purchased over Discord or through the designated mannequin; there is no limit to the number of tickets a patron may purchase. Each month's pot will begin at 1,000,000 gil and increase in accordance with the proceeds of purchased tickets.
2. After purchasing a ticket, patrons will be able to select 4 Numbers of their choice to represent their ticket. These choices will be recorded and correspond to the entrant's name.
3. Upon the closure of the final Friday of each month, a drawing will be held. At a venue of her choice, Ophie will publicly do a "/random 10" (with 10 representing 0) four times to produce a four-digit number to represent the winning number.
4. In the event an exact winning number is claimed, the winner will receive the total of the pot, adjusted for house tax. In the event there are multiple winners, the pot will be split evenly. In the event that there are no winners, the remaining pot will carry over to the next month's lottery.

Finances | Takarakuji

StatusFree ticketsPrice per ticket
StatusHouse Tax

*VIP refers to VIP Clients of venues participating in the month's Takarakuji lottery. In venues with multiple tiers of VIP, only the highest tier will qualify.

Ophie's Gamba

Weekly Schedule | Ophie's Gamba

LocationDay(s)Time (EST)
The Wanderer's OkiyaT/F7-10 p.m.
Club AetherealTBATBA

Scheduling | Ophie's Gamba

At this time, Ophie can be booked independently for venues on a requested basis; full-time employment is subject to availability. For Blackjack and Devil's Dice, self-banking is offered whilst cho-han is offered with a minimum host provided bank of 5,000,000 gil.All concerns related to booking can be forwarded via Discord (OphieIsDopie#9092) or in-game (Ophelie Lebaudelaire@Sargatanas).